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Unique movie experience on the big screen

In the Dome, the giant-screen movie theater, marvel at the beauty of our planet. You watch breathtaking documentary-like films about nature, culture and science and get inspired to keep the planet so beautiful together.

Spectacular movie experience

The Dome is the largest dome theater in the Benelux and unique in Europe. It has a screen in the shape of a hemisphere, the size of two tennis courts. The screen shows giant-screen and cinema-sized films. The sublime surround sound system and 4K resolution make the experience very intense.

Diverse selection of films

Get inspired and choose which movie you want to see in our unique Dome theater:

  • Experience the underwater world in Secrets of the Sea and see the fascinating ways marine animals interact with each other and their environment. Many marine animals depend on each other to survive, and this film makes clear how important marine biodiversity is to keeping our oceans healthy. 
  • The movie Serengeti is an unforgettable safari tour past elephants, lions, leopards, birds and insects. You will see one of the greatest natural spectacles in the world: the migration of millions of wildebeest. So we gain a better understanding of the relationship between all life on the Serengeti.
  • In the animated film The Great Underwater Adventure of Barney and Beenie, follow the adventures of submariner Barney and seahorse Beenie who set out to protect marine life.
  • Or, in Dinosaurs of the South Pole, travel to the glaciers of Antarctica and discover what lies hidden beneath them. Three intrepid scientists explore the profound changes of this ice continent in the film.

English version

The films are in Dutch, but the original (English) version can be listened to via the app "Sennheiser MobileConnect" on your phone. Bring your own earplugs/headphones for this. You can find the app here in the Google Play Store or the Apple AppStore

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Evening program in the Dome 

In the evening, we show films about nature, culture, music and science in the Dome. Special activities such as planetarium shows, lectures and concerts also take place.

Here, in addition to giant-screen films, experience live broadcasts of opera and ballet performances from the Royal Opera House in London. Or watch music and nature documentaries in cinema format. The Dome is also regularly transformed into a starry sky with spectacular planetarium shows and lectures by astronomers. Programming changes regularly.

Note: Only the Friends Lottery VIP card is valid in the evening, other discount passes are not.

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