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Impactful events at Museon-Omniversum

Inspiring, sustainable and responsible

Making an impact together? Organize your event at Museon-Omniversum in The Hague

Today's global challenges require change and concrete actions from all of us. 2030 is the year when we must achieve the World Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Museon-Omniversum is therefore committed to contributing to a livable planet for all. We are the national impact center for sustainable development. A museum and big screen movie theater in one. The place where companies are inspired, enter the conversation and think along in the search for the solutions for a sustainable future.

Plan an event in our beautiful halls and combine it with a big-screen movie and our One Planet exhibition about man, earth and sustainable development. Learn more about the 17 world goals and get to know smart solutions for a sustainable future.

Unique combination of content and application

Not only does Museon-Omniversum have beautiful room facilities, but we also contribute to the content of the program. We can respond to sustainability themes, help get employees or customers on board with sustainability strategies, and convert knowledge about sustainability into action.
We offer each client customization, tailoring the use of exhibits, sub rooms and film offerings to the goals and target audience of the event. We also offer various inspiration programs and (speed) tours.
Gaag we welcome you and your business network to learn, inspire each other and do! Your participants come for an event, but leave with more knowledge & inspiration than they came in with.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to corporate social responsibility and hold a Green Key Gold certification. Our sustainable in-house caterer is Juni Lekkernijen. They are a sustainable and social catering company, specializing in developing, setting up, implementing and supervising customized catering activities within business locations.