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Turtle Adventure

Duration 41 minutes

Language Dutch (English audio available with MobileConnect)

Narrated by Daniel Boissevain

Themes Turtle, Climate, Nature

This film will be shown in full dome.

Parents are advised to use their own judgement whether or not this film is suitable for their children.

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Turtle adventure is the incredible story of the Australian green sea turtle Bunji. During her exciting adventures, Bunji meets all kinds of extraordinary inhabitants of the sea, such as cheerful clown fish, enormous whales and cool sharks. Follow the world journey of this brave and sweet animal on the giant dome screen!

Experience the thousands of kilometers she swims with Bunji, where she meets special creatures and finds herself in exciting situations. Eventually, with mysterious precision, she will return to the beach where she was born – now to lay her own eggs, the foundation for the next generation. The film is narrated by WWF ambassador Daniel Boissevain and really pops off the screen!

  • Turtle adventure
  • Turtle adventure

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