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To The Root

Duration 0 minutes

Language None

Narrated by N/a

Themes Music, Art, Latin-America

This film will be shown in full dome.

Parents are advised to use their own judgement whether or not this film is suitable for their children.

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Discover 'To The Root' - A Compelling Fulldome Show

To The Root is an enchanting full-dome show that takes you on a breathtaking audiovisual journey through the diverse landscapes and indigenous cultures of Latin America. Enjoy live music from Nación Ekeko and stunning visuals from Tatoaraoz.

Nación Ekeko combines traditional Latin American music with modern electronics and rhythms. Experience a unique concert with Colombian instruments, song and techno, where life is celebrated through rhythm and dance.

Tatoaraoz creates deep and colorful visual landscapes that transform audiences into active participants in this immersive journey. The visuals sync perfectly with the musical beats and reveal hidden mysteries of nature, the splendor of wild landscapes, and undiscovered places full of life force.

The show leaves you with a feeling of splendor, admiration for the lush nature and a touch of Latin American culture. Experience the exuberance of the landscapes and immerse yourself in this unique experience!

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