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To The Root

Discover 'To The Root' - A Compelling Fulldome Show To The Root is an enchanting full-dome show that takes you on a breathtaking audiovisual journey through the diverse…

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Fungi - Web of Life starting 11th april

Much of life on Earth is connected by a vast, hidden network that we are only just beginning to understand. Out of sight, between the world of plants and animals, anothe…

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Experience the unique life on the Serengeti! Africa's most iconic animals have their home base on the Serengeti. It is the place where one of the gre… Read more over Serengeti


Secrets of the Sea

Ready for an underwater voyage of discovery? Dive right in! Museon-Omniversum now presents Secrets of the Sea, a new and breathtaking large-screen fi… Read more over Secrets of the Sea


Mysteries of the Unseen World

Mysteries of the Unseen World makes science fun, your world will never be the same! It is scary, laughing and amazed when you view the world through… Read more over Mysteries of the Unseen World

Films Specials

Dark side of the Moon Back by popular demand!

Extended by popular request from enthusiastic fans! Dark Side of the Moon will temporarily return to the Dome in May. Don't miss it and get your tick… Read more over Dark side of the Moon


Het Grote Onderwateravontuur van Barney en Beenie

The large dome screen of Museon-Omniversum turns into the underwater world of animated characters Barney and Beenie! This fun, educational and entert… Read more over Het Grote Onderwateravontuur van Barney en Beenie


Turtle Adventure

Turtle adventure is the incredible story of the Australian green sea turtle Bunji. During her exciting adventures, Bunji meets all kinds of extraordi… Read more over Turtle Adventure


Jane Goodall: Reasons for Hope

Experience the award-winning giant-screen film "Jane Goodall: Reasons for Hope" Let us take you on an exciting adventure about nature conservation,… Read more over Jane Goodall: Reasons for Hope

Films Specials

Einaudi – In a time lapse

Live music Under the starry sky at the Dome, Emma Roijackers and Koenraad Spijker play beautiful songs on violin and piano by the composer Ludovico… Read more over Einaudi – In a time lapse


Animal Kingdom Nieuw! Vanaf 6 juli te zien.

Van de Afrikaanse savannes tot de ijzige polen, en van open luchten tot diepblauwe oceanen, Animal Kingdom onthult hoe alle wezens met elkaar verbond… Read more over Animal Kingdom


André Rieu's 2024 Maastricht Concert: Power of Love 31 augustus & 1 september

André Rieu is er klaar voor om u te verrassen met zijn nieuwe bioscoopconcert ‘Power of Love’. Vanuit zijn pittoreske thuisstad Maastricht presenteer… Read more over André Rieu's 2024 Maastricht Concert: Power of Love

Films Specials

Star Party - Planetariumshow

Museon-Omniversum and the Dutch Research School for Astronomy (NOVA) are organising interactive planetarium shows on the dome. As a visitor, you will… Read more over Star Party - Planetariumshow


De Wilde Noordzee Voorpremière op 8 september

Een indrukwekkende documentaire over het bijzondere leven in onze eigen Noordzee. Duik in het avontuur met De Wilde Noordzee. Volg ervaren duiker en… Read more over De Wilde Noordzee

Films Specials

Pink Project 13-15 december

Live optreden van de band Pink Project onder grootbeeldfilmbeelden in de Dome. Een muzikale en immersieve ervaring.  Pink Floyd tribute band Pin… Read more over Pink Project