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Museon-Omniversum in Den Haag
Museon-Omniversum in Den Haag

Why Museon-Omniversum?

Museon-Omniversum offers an environment that inspires and stimulates everyone's curiosity, imagination and creativity.

The unique features of Museon-Omniversum:

  • Inspiring and varied offerings due to the exceptional collection, exhibitions and spectacular large-screen films
  • Sustainable and socially responsible location
  • SDG House with networking function and knowledge platform
  • Unique interactive One Planet Expo in the Netherlands on the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • Striking building in an international environment

International meeting venue for a sustainable future

Museon-Omniversum is the ideal meeting venue in the heart of The Hague's International Zone.  We value corporate social responsibility and hold a Green Key Gold certification. SDG House proactively focuses on enabling a liveable future for all of us. This shows in our programming and operations. This is precisely why Museon-Omniversum is suitable for events related to sustainability. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations are the starting point for our One Planet Expo. You could integrate visiting (parts of) this unique interactive exhibition in the Netherlands to link to a key theme in your programme. There are also interesting temporary exhibitions. There is something for everyone.

Every meeting deserves attention and customisation

Every organisation is different and has its own specific needs. We are happy to provide further details of the many possibilities and customise the event to ensure success. Whether it's a symposium with workshops in our museum spaces, or a personnel day for employees and their families. There is always a theme to fit the purpose of your event. Every meeting deserves the right focus. We are happy to give you input. There are various inspiration programmes and (speed) tours, both within an exhibition or along a collection’s key displays. From an introduction to an in-depth explanation. We are happy to inform you!