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Invest in the future of our planet

Today's global challenges call for change and concrete actions from all of us. 2030 is the year when we must achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Museon-Omniversum is committed to contributing to a livable planet for all.

We inspire new generations to engage as active global citizens. Impact, that's what we are all about. But we can't do it alone. To achieve our shared ambitions on sustainable development, we therefore bridge the gap with the business community. Here, we provide insight into how we intend to shape this initiative, together with our new partners.

Get involved

You would like to make your business more sustainable and include your customers, employees and suppliers in that process. In order to have a positive impact on society. Within a partnership with Museon-Omniversum, we will inspire each other, learn from each other and act together.

Find inspiration for sustainable and socially responsible business in our activity programmes such as the One Planet Talks and business roundtables around relevant themes. Learn from young people, policymakers, NGOs and other businesses. Evaluate your progress at our annual valueholder meetings and set new goals for the future.

Together we have more impact

Museon-Omniversum wants to connect with other organisations to jointly increase our social value and drive sustainable development based on the 17 SDGs.
Besides government, NGOs, scientists and visitors (consumers, families and schoolchildren), businesses are important stakeholders for Museon-Omniversum. Together, we create our program and build an impactcentre.
The platform MAEX calculated that Museon-Omniversum had a social impact of over €45 million in 2022. That is almost five times more than you can normally expect from an organisation of our size. With our new partnerships, we hope to further broaden and increase our impact.

How does it work:

  • Starting in 2023, Museon-Omiversum issues community shares. We call these shares value shares. A value share can be obtained through a donation and has a term of three annual instalments of €5,000 (or once-only €15,000) per value share.
  • We record the purchase of one or more value shares contractually in an agreement.
  • The social value share does not qualify as a share in the legal sense. The social value share does not give an entitlement to a share of the profit, a voting right or otherwise.
  • Museon-Omniversum annually reports its Social Handprint including the current list of social value holders. Value holders are also named as partners on the website and on the partner board at the entrance of Museon-Omniversum, among other things.
  • Museon-Omniversum has made a four-year forecast of the growth of the impact value of its activities based on a projected annual growth in the number of social value holders.
  • Museon-Omniversum accounts for the realised activities and the related impact value during the annual value holders meeting. We also present the development in relation to the prognosis.
  • Annually, you receive proof of the social impact realised according to the MAEX methodology.
  • You have no say in the management of the museum and large-screen film theatre, but you do have a say during the annual value holders' meeting. Furthermore, Museon-Omniversum strives for support for its policy and activities through the collection of ideas and substantive connection of and with value holders.
  • Access to the annual meeting for value holders is by personal invitation for both value holders and potential value holders.
  • Museon-Omniversum stimulates mutual contacts between the value holders by organising an inspiring meeting with a programme following the annual value holders' meeting.


  • You can participate by a private donation or a donation by a legal entity such as a private limited company.
  • The tax authorities have classified Museon-Omniversum as a cultural public benefit organisation (ANBI), which means that the donation can be deducted from taxable income or profit and is therefore advantageous. Because we are a cultural ANBI, to calculate the income tax deduction, you may increase the donation by 25% up to a maximum increase of €1,250. For corporation tax purposes, 50% applies, up to a maximum increase of €2,500. (according to tax rules in 2023)
  • In the case of a donation by a private individual, self-employed person, VOF or partnership, a number of preconditions apply, such as a threshold and upper limit. The extra deduction applies to periodic donations as well as to ordinary donations. Take into account the threshold and upper limits that apply.

Choose how you want to support us

In addition to an endowment, you can also contribute to our museum and large-screen film theatre and our activities in other ways. For instance, with a one-off donation, a legacy or support of educational and social projects. We are happy to engage in an informal discussion to determine how your donation creates impact.