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Foto: Marsel Loermans
Foto: Marsel Loermans

The collection online

In the Museon visitors discover the world by means of interactive exhibits but also by object from the museum's collection that strengthen and illustrate the exhibitions' storylines.

The Museon has an extensive and multi-faceted collection, with objects from the world of nature, culture, and technology. However, you only get to see a small part of this collection during your visit to the Museon. The rest is well-protected and stored in the depot under the building. Curious about these hidden treasures? Then make sure to visit our new collection website. All objects of which we have an image are now online - over 80,000 already. This number will grow every week, to show more and more of what is stored in the depots. Would you like to know what rare animals are in our collection, would you like to see models of people or plants, or are you interested in a specific fossil or a special telescope? You can now find it all in the collection website of the Museon (Dutch only).

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