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Museon-Omniversum organises all kinds of activities for various target groups. These include links to 'joint promotions', a programme for relations and other forms of cooperation. Sponsors have special privileges. Together, we look at which project or joint venture suits the organisation's target group..

Project sponsoring

Project sponsorship is possible in various ways. Think about sponsoring lectures, family events for employees and/or relations or educational teaching programmes. Sponsors have an edge with on seen. For instance, they are eligible for exclusive tours of our depot. Or for a special themed introduction by one of our curators. They can also use our meeting facilities at a substantial discount. Did you enjoy sponsoring a project? Then we are happy to look together at future projects that fit well with the organisation's target group.

Strategic alliances

Museon-Omniversum stands for education, innovation and continuity. A strategic alliance with Museon-Omniversum strengthens brands and lasting customer relations.Partners or sponsors can use various facilities. Ranging from corporate hospitality, free tickets, communication opportunities, museum products and joint promotional actions. We are also happy to make our rooms available to partners and sponsors outside regular opening hours. Naturally on attractive terms and with an exclusive look behind the scenes.As your host, impress them with our collection, museum rooms and guided tours.And give your relations an unforgettable experience and a lasting memory!


For more information about the possibilities, please contact the director of the Museon, Peter de Haan, via telephone number 070-3381433 or send an email to pdhaan@museon.nl

Our present sponsors: