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Donations & legacies

Contribute to the future of the Museon

Help Museon-Omniversum and support us in the form of a donation or bequest. Due to our cultural ANBI status with the tax authorities, there is no inheritance or gift tax on donations and legacies. Another tax advantage is that donors can deduct donations from their income or corporation tax. Naturally within the applicable rules.

Museon-Omniversum ontvangt subsidie van de gemeente Den Haag, genereert inkomsten uit kaartverkoop en wordt ondersteund door fondsen en sponsoren. Om onze programmering op peil te houden is alle steun van harte welkom. Iedereen heeft recht op cultuureducatie. Daarom is het belangrijk dat Museon-Omniversum altijd toegankelijk blijft voor bezoekers uit alle lagen van de bevolking. En ook voor alle scholen.

Contribute to a sustainable learning environment

We would like to keep our quality and entrance fees at the current level. Therefore, we like to appeal to everyone's social commitment. A one-off or periodic donation supports Museon-Omniversum's objective. We spend this contribution on new exhibitions, educational programmes and the care of collections. In this way, Museon-Omniversum remains a cultural learning environment for everyone. Small donations are also welcome for our continuity!

Periodic donation gives optimum benefit

For those who want to support Museon-Omniversum structurally, a periodic donation for 5 years or more is a godsend. A periodic donation is fully deductible. Moreover, it is not necessary to record it by notarial deed.

Giving Act attractive through deduction

Since 1 January 2012, the government has offered an extra incentive in income tax deductions. This applies to donations and corporate income tax for gifts to cultural ANBIs. Supporting Museon-Omniversum therefore provides an interesting tax benefit. Anyone who commits to a 5-year periodic donation benefits from a fiscally attractive multiplier of 1.25. This means that the donation is 125% tax deductible.

One-time gifts

One-off donations have limited deductibility. Only that part of the total donations is eligible for deduction. On an annual basis, this is between 1% and a maximum of 10%.

Would you like to donate?

You may find it interesting to visit https://www.berekenhet.nl/giften/periodieke-giften.html. This gives an indication of the financial impact of the proposed donation. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We will be happy to advise on the possibilities. Contact our executive secretariat on 070 33 81 385. Or email general director Peter de Haan pdehaan@museon-omniversum.nl.