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Friends of the museum

The Friends Association of Museon and Omniversum seeks to enthuse people in Museon and Omniversum. It has been doing so for nearly 70 years. Partly thanks to income from the Museon Shop, an initiative of the Friends, it co-finances many of Museon’s non-subsidised activities. With some 1100 members, the Friends Association is financially healthy and organisationally competent.

From 1 January 2024, the Friends Association will be changed to the Friends of Museon-Omniversum Foundation, which will continue its tasks and activities and support us.

Benefits for the Friends of Museon and Omniversum:

  • Free admission to Museon for two people, Youth card: two people up to 18 years old; Family card: three children and two adults
  • Invitations to various openings in the Museon
  • Free access to the Museon lectures
  • Free entrance for youth members to the Museonatelier
  • 25% discount on entrance fee of Omniversum. At the registration as friend, you get two free tickets for Omniversum (with a Family Card even five).
  • Invitation to attend free film festival in Omniversum
  • 10% discount in the shops of the Museon and Omniversum
  • Four times a year the Friends Magazine at home in the mailbox
  • 10 % discount for a friend and his table mates at Brasserie Berlage

Friend Cards:

For only € 25.00 per year, you can become a Friend of Museon and Omniversum, giving you and one guest for instance unlimited free access to this amazing museum of science and culture and a discount for entry to Omniversum and a free Virtual Reality Ride.

If you want the whole familiy to become Friend, you can choose the Family Membership. This is for three children and two adults for € 50,- a year.

For members under 18 years of age the fee is only € 17,50 (don't forget to state your date of birth). 

Become a Friend by sending an email to vvv@museon.nl, stating your name, address including zipcode and emailadress. Alternatively, you can just sign up at the Shop or Cash Desk of both Museon and Omniversum.