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KIVA - The Call of the Wisdom Keepers (Event)

Duration 150 minutes

Language English Subtitled, Q&A in English

Narrated by n/a

Themes Culture, Nature

This film will not be shown in full dome.

Parents are advised to use their own judgement whether or not this film is suitable for their children.

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Film screening, live music by Anna Fernhout and Q&A with Indigenous Wisdom Keepers: Cheryl Angel (Lakota Elder – USA), Carola Esparza (Mapuche tradition – Chile) and Raquel Haug (KIVA Wisdom Keeper  Netherlands).

We live in a world of chaos and division. In a world that seems increasingly distant from nature and out of balance, there is a great need for a different perspective, a hopeful perspective of harmony and reconnection.

This film captures the essence of the unique and ancient KIVA ceremony, where indigenous leaders from around the world come together for Peace, Equality and Mother Earth. “The original peoples have never lost contact with Mother Earth and can inspire us to create a more connected and sustainable way of life,” says filmmaker and photographer Marijke Kodden. She was one of the first and few to receive permission to record the unique KIVA ceremonies in Mexico, India, the Netherlands and Germany. She made this impressive documentary together with Rakinah Buttner and Jaap Verhoeven. It is a hopeful message from the indigenous peoples, which offers tools on how we can restore our relationship with the earth and each other. Back to balance, togetherness and peace.

Synopsis film: ‘Mother Earth is calling her children home’
In 1968, medicine man Raymundo Tigre Perez (Mexico/USA) had a vision. He saw Indigenous Wisdom Keepers from all over the world united in a circular pit – with a fire at the heart – performing a ceremony. A spiritual ceremony for the earth, for peace and the well-being of all living beings.

It was only later that he discovered this was a KIVA, an ancient ceremony already used by the Anasazi 3000 years ago. Hundreds of native Wisdom Keepers answered his call and these KIVA ceremonies have been taking place around the world for more than 30 years. The KIVA ceremony is a collective call from the original Indigenous Peoples. They have never lost touch with nature and with their ancient wisdom, they can inspire us to move to a more connected and sustainable way of life!

After the screening you will meet two Indigenous Elders who will share their wisdom. There will be an opportunity to ask questions to the Elders and filmmaker Marijke Kodden.

Cheryl Angel (Lakota Elder - USA)
One of the special guests this evening is Wisdom Keeper Cheryl Angel from America. Cheryl is an indigenous leader and venerable Lakota Elder (Sioux). She is 'Water Protector' and with the slogan 'Water is Life' she was one of the original pillars of the nonviolent resistance of the Lakota people at Sacred Stone Camp/Standing Rock. She will speak about the '7 Generation Principle': by including generations before and after us in our decision-making, we can ensure a more sustainable world for our children and grandchildren.

Carola Esparza (Mapuche tradition - Chile)
Carola was born in Chile, at the foot of the Andes. Like many Chileans, she is of mixed blood, as a result of the colonization of Chile by the Spanish conquistadors. For 15 years she has been following in the footsteps of Dona Rosa Huenufil, a Mapuche grandmother, keeper of the Mapuzungun (the language of the earth), who taught her the sacred art of the woman of prayer (Guillipullera). Carola Esparza is a true peacemaker, strong communicator from the heart. Supporting people to 'move' communication from the head to the heart, so that they can understand each other better. To bring peace to each other's hearts.

Raquel Haug
From 2016 - 2019 she was one of the organizers of the Dutch KIVA. Through ceremony, sacred storytelling and ritual performances Raquel shares her wisdom and knowledge about the Sacred Woman's mysteries. This ancient knowledge about sacrednessof life and our deep connection to the cycles of ature is the basis of her teachings and prayers. As a Dutch wisdomkeeper Raquel has been asked to start a new ceremonial place in the Netherlands to the sacred KIVA fire.

Anna Fernhout
Anna Fernhout writes Dutch-language songs about the ins and outs of human existence. Her lyrics and demeanor are direct and open, with a touch of humor. In her songs, you hear the longing to be truly human, without a mask, with an open heart, full of courage and fear. With the knowledge and desire that we find each other in openness and where we dare to be vulnerable. It is her mission to create spaces where we as humans can come together and where our hearts can open. Where we don't have to achieve something, but where we can relax into who we are. Whether we feel cheerful, grumpy, vulnerable, or lively. Places where we dare to be fully human.

For more information, see www.kiva-wisdomkeepers.com

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