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Scene uit El Eco
Scene uit El Eco

El Eco

Duration 102 minutes

Language Spanish, Dutch subtitles

Narrated by n/a

Themes Documentary, Mexico

This film will not be shown in full dome.

Parents are advised to use their own judgement whether or not this film is suitable for their children.

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A wonderfully beautiful documentary about El Eco in Mexico. Here, high up on a hill, a small community has settled amidst expansive nature. An audience favourite at IDFA that also won Best Documentary and Best Director at the Berlin film festival.

The men in El Eco usually work outdoors, so the rhythm of life is determined by the women and children. Even though Montse, Luz Ma and Sarahí are still young, they already bear big responsibilities. Rugged teen Montse cares with unconditional dedication for her elderly grandma; Sarahí is a magnificent teacher to the little ones, with her remarkable knowledge and infectious enthusiasm; while Luz Ma can convey more emotion with a single glance than many a well-known actress. They are all subject to the caprices of nature.

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