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Museon-Omniversum is committed to a sustainable future. There are several ways you can help Museon-Omniversum in this effort. You can do so as a person or as a company. Become a Friend of Museon-Omniversum, partner, sponsor or donor! In all cases you can enjoy great benefits. Below you will find all the information about the possibilities.

Become a Friend

Especially in these times of government cutbacks, cultural institutions can really use public support. A large Friend association means an important support and voice. Become a Friend of Museon-Omniversum with all the advantages that come with it.

Become a Friend

Become Partner

Does your organization want to join Museon-Omniversum in promoting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations? With the aim of building a sustainable relationship? Museon-Omniversum has several forms of cooperation. Through the One Planet Handshake or a value partnership you come into contact with like-minded people; companies, educational and knowledge institutions. So that with our joint knowledge we build the impact center for sustainable futurists.

Help us realize future programs, also become a partner and invest directly in cultural education aimed at a livable world. Contact Iris van den Akker, ivdakker@museon-omniversum.nl

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Become a sponsor

Museon-Omniversum organizes a range of activities for various target groups. These may be exhibitions, lectures, family or children's events or educational teaching programs. There are many links to 'joint promotions', a program for relations and other forms of cooperation. Sponsors have special privileges.

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Make a donation

If you like our mission and approach and would like to support Museon-Omniversum, make a one-time or periodic donation. Your contribution will be spent on new exhibitions, educational programs and the care of collections. Do you have an affinity with a specific subject, project or activity and want to make a targeted donation? That is also possible. We will gladly advise you. This way Museon-Omniversum can remain a cultural learning environment for everyone!

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